Quality Control: Yes, We Do This

Sometimes people ask me, ‘why do you bother with quality control after a vehicle is fixed? Why do you hire someone to inspect a customer’s vehicle after the technician has already fixed it?’

To me, the answer is obvious: I love my customers.

When customers walk in our door, they know they are going to be treated well.

Once they hand over their keys to our service advisor, their safety, and the safety of their family, is in our hands. Why wouldn’t we take the extra step and ensure a repaired vehicle is wiped clean and all repairs have been completed?

Hey, I’m Impressed!

Basically, we’re making sure the customer’s vehicle looks the way it did when they brought it in – no greasy prints on the steering wheel or rear-view mirror. No tools left behind under the hood. Definitely no changed radio stations or a lingering “odor” from the technicians such as smoke, oil, or other fumes. I’m going to add here that we don’t allow our technicians to vape in or outside our shop. Period. If those vape fumes cause my head to ache and my eyes to water after just a few seconds, imagine what it does to our customers?

In fact, we go the extra mile and wash your windshields. We physically walk around the vehicle and inspect under the hood as well as check off every repair that was scheduled for the vehicle. We also vacuum your vehicle. That’s right, we don’t want our techs to leave behind any dirt where the driver sits!

It’s All About Carney

Our quality control technician is friendly and loves his job – he takes it very seriously and the customers know this. In fact, he’s the most popular employee at our shop! Carney gets the cookies and the accolades. Even my grandson wants to hang out with the guy.

Just a little background…he was one of our repair technicians and he suffered a health episode that prevented him from heavy lifting. After some rest and a stab at another career, Carney decided he still wanted to be in the auto repair industry. Who can blame him?

We needed a quality control person – Carney needed a job where he could showcase his value. Problem solved.

I can’t stress enough, it’s so nice to have the peace of mind knowing that our customers can walk in and spend their hard-earned money without driving away disappointed with their experience.

Cozy Waiting Room

Aside from our extra quality control feature, Autoworks offers a nice waiting room so that customers may quench their thirst from our drink bar, munch on complimentary snacks, use our free Wi-Fi, watch our big screen television, sit outside in the sun at our picnic table, and basically enjoy a clean, friendly atmosphere. The best part, they can ask any question about their vehicle and our staff will answer without hesitation. That’s customer service and all part of the quality control package that comes with every ticket.

There’s no such thing as “just an oil change,” at our shop. Every job has a value, every customer has a name, face, and story; they’re not just entries in our database. Our customers know this, and that’s why they come back to us. That’s why we “bother” with quality control.